1989 Fragments | a birthday gift to my own self

What is it with this book, many asked.
I answered the same, it’s basically an autobiography of me through pictures and poems. Staying with this mental condition and still survived to celebrate my 30th birthday is a big deal and I think I deserved to celebrate this and to share this with others.

I used pictures, symbols and parables to deliver the messages. It was a dark and mental issue triggering book that might not be suitable for those who are struggling with such thing. It told at least 40% of the things I fought my whole life.

The photographs are far from perfect. most of them were shot on film, and just like life, they’re full of flaws but yet still enjoyable. the stains, grains, lines, numbers, and all the limits people usually complained about when using film, that’s what I showed in the book, wildly.

The selling will be open tomorrow, a minute after 23:59 on 19th of July, and limited to 100 pcs only. All the details could be found on www.soupnfilm.com and inside the book as well.

here are some teasers of what you will find in this book that I won’t reproduce again, not until my other decades at least. I hope you could have this piece of my life.

BULK FILM | and why I love them

well lately, I became a big fan of bulk film. some friends of me fro Bandung. well, let's say two of them sent me some of the rolls they made and I just fell in love with the results. it's raw, vintage, grainy and just so moody.
Well I know, I used to feel shocked when I receive my first bulk film. it's BW cinema by ahong. I was like, really shocked when I found out that it's only stickers. inside, it's colour film's canister. I posted on story and both ahong and crystal calmed me by telling me that it's a bulk BW film.
well, only one frame I got at that time. But then I tried the #rollnyatale bulk film from Crystal and I just fell in a deep deep love with this kind of film.
so bad I heard that they didn't produce it anymore. but if you heard about these rolls in the future, grab them all fast!!
here's some results of the bulk film as processed by indigo film lab, Bandung-INDONESIA.
Ahong and Crystal, you both are killers!!!