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Depression through my son's eyes

I was diagnosed with some mental disabilities since I was a child. But since I became a mom, which I thought will made me better, made it worse instead. I was diagnosed with a chronic BPD, anxiety, and depression at the same time. Which I have to take a serious medication for it. No joking, it feels worse each days. I can have my sunny days (like today) sometimes, but suddenly, the storm came in and ruined everything in me.

My 4 years old son is the one who always be there patiently, and he even documenting the journey of my total recovery (which is impossible) with his film camera. When it's hard to leave my bed, when I didn't take any shower for weeks, when I can't stop with my alcohol addiction, even when there's one time I'm under my reasonless panic attack.

Seeing his pictures is somehow a therapy for me, and also his works is one of the inspiration of my talks about photographic therapy.

I hope you'll get something by seeing these pictures taken by him.