photographic therapy | a non science one

I wrote this post when my hands were shaking, my tummy ache like there's an alligator inside, sweat around my neck made my clothes wet and sticky in an air con-ed room.

I'm not in the island, I'm on a working trip and I forgot to bring my pills with me. the dumbest thing that ever happened to me, while I can just see random doctor to ask for my meds.

but one thing I know, I still bring one of my medicine here. I opened my laptop and opened my dropbox. while my heart beats in a wrong tune and my eyes can't coordinate well, I opened some old archive. pictures that I took while my day was sunny, pictures that I took with laughters, pictures that made me feel good about myself. 

I tried to scroll one by one and start breathing a bit better though my chest still quite painful and my toes still crawled uncontrollably . but inside, it feels a bit better.

Here let me show you some pictures that you might have seen before but some of them gave an impact during my anxiety attack like today. now.


to those who's in this pics, thank you :')