VSCO Film 1 | my digital coloring

I know, I should post this long time ago. VSCO film is now reaching the 7th set of wonderful tones. I bought 6packs out of it and really satisfied for everything. If you asked me which one is my favorite, I can't choose. sorry. all of them are so good and so different.

But I can be sure all of us always have our comfort food or our comfort place. It doesn't have to be fancy or savory, but we will go there, we will eat them when we seek for safety. I also have my comfort tone, here in vsco 1.

let me show you some comparison of my raw images and the images that's already toned in vsco.

all of them were taken using leica m 240 and noctilux lens with cloudy as the white balance.

So there's the comparison between my raw images, the vsco film 1 fuji pro 400h, and the vsco film 1 ilford hp5+. 

To be honest, it's not the best (yet) out of tons of vsco colours. but, it's like a comfort food to our tongue, like pancakes or sandwiches in the morning, like riding your dad's old car, like living in your own messy bedroom. not so fancy nor unique, but it's my safe place when I search for comfort.

I did some tweaks. yes. not merely put the vsco presets and VoilA! NOPE.

I changed the exposure, the contrast, added blacks, or sometimes, reduced the saturation. but not more than that.


So, with this, I wish you found your comfort tone too, your "place" to hide from this fast moving world.





credits : thanks to ryan and nina for the trip:)